Saturday, January 30, 2010

LES “Cuts Like a Knife”

A week ago last Thursday, I attended a meeting at the school.  As we were walking up to the doors Sydney casually says “We’re playing our guitars and singing Mama.”

“When?”  I ask.

“Tonight for all of you.”  Sydney replies.

“What??  You’re kidding, how come you didn’t tell me?”  I rush back to the truck and grab my camera, remembering the quote from my blog “I would rather pack my camera with me and take no shots, than leave it at home and miss the shot of a lifetime.”

I thought the meeting was for information to parents if their kids want to be in the upcoming play “Romeo & Juliet” and had no idea they were going to be performing.

Every lunch hour Mr. White (we are soooo lucky to have him at LES!) has been teaching the kids instruments and singing.  For about two years Sydney has been learning to play the guitar and I can’t believe how her fingers fly!  They are also using foot pedals to distort the guitars so coordination is a big thing when playing.  She’s doing an excellent job and simply loves to play. :)  My Dad, her Grandpa, would be so proud of her and I so wish he were here to see her.

This is the first time the kids have performed the song in front of an audience.  While it doesn’t sound so loud in the video, I have to say, if you were in the room you would have had your ears covered!

If you can’t view the video at my blog click here to go to YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

Well Done Sydney!!! She is becoming a very talented young lady!!!Pat

tanita davis said...

At some point, you're supposed to stop squealing and pinching their cheeks and saying, "YOU GUYS WERE SO CUTEEEEE!" when they perform...

Maybe by the time she's in 7th I'll be less apt to coo at her. But seriously - SO. CUTE.

I'm looking forward to them doing a Supremes song. Or, some old Beach Boys. Santana...

How awesome that your teacher teaches you to play the electric guitar!???

Anonymous said...

That was awesome entertainment... ab

Crafty Gardener said...

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