Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random pics

Last night I picked up my new lens and this morning headed out to take some quick shots.  Here’s some random pictures with a few photoshop actions applied to them.  We’re heading down to the river in a bit so I will post more pics tomorrow.

One of the roosters from the barn scooting across the road.

Rooster on the Ranch (by KansasA)

Two heads are better than one!

Two heads... (by KansasA)

Our banty rooster, Sammy.

Sammy (by KansasA)

Sydney has fun twirling these to the ground.

Sydney's fun (by KansasA)

The lens is a Canon EFS 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM wide angle.  I did have to sharpen all the pics but for the most part they turned out okay.  I bought it to mostly use for landscape shots but it does a good job with close-ups too.

Along with my new lens, the rubber frame eye piece replacement came in… but it’s the wrong one!  Darnit all anyway.  I reordered the right one but it’s becoming a real pain lately without it.  I hope Canon delivers fast!

Well we are out the door with hotdogs and wieners in hand so I’ll cut this short.  Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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Anonymous said...

Have a nice weenie roast at the river. ab

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

Don't hate me for this, but I just have to ask: "Why did the chicken cross the road?" :-D