Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fountain Valley Beaver Dams

On Friday Hubby and I took a couple of trips up to the beaver dams in Fountain Valley.  Every year on a continual basis we have to rip sections of the dams apart or the Ranch seriously lacks for water.  If there’s an abundance of water it’s fine but when there’s a water shortage the beavers do not like to share and keep building dams that get much too wide.  We find draining off some of their water helps down here quite a bit.

We go to Fountain Valley Tree Farms which is on private property and we have permission from the owner.

Fountain Valley Tree Farms (by KansasA)

A beaver lodge.

Beaver Lodge (by KansasA)

Digging out one of the many dams.

Digging out the dam (by KansasA)

It doesn’t take long and the water quickly subsides.

Water going down (by KansasA)

It was a tad breezy while we were there.

Breezy (by KansasA)

We managed to get one beaver.

Beaver teeth (by KansasA)

The beaver tail.

Beaver Tail (by KansasA)

The topside of the beaver’s back foot.

Beaver back foot (by KansasA)

The ponds the beavers have created have increased quite a bit since last year.

Pools created by the beaver dams. (by KansasA)

Hubby with a pulaski.

Pulaski in hand (by KansasA)

Mikey holding the beaver.

Mikey & the Beaver (by KansasA)

For more beaver and pond pictures visit my flickr site:
Kansas A 

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Anonymous said...

No pepsodent there eh! Where is the Davy Crocket Hat? ab

Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing. You live in such a beautiful place. thanks for sharing you world.

Bottom Feeder said...

Thanks for the account of the Beaver Busting.. us city dwellers might tend to think of beavers as being "cute" and hard workers. Nice to see the other side of the coin and how things really work in nature...

jackie said...

It's funny. I know what beavers do and all, but when I think "beaver", my first though is Franklin's rather bossy and know-it-all friend form the kids book series. Not quite the same, eh?
I have never seen a picture of a tail. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Those are some nice shiny, yellow beaver teeth :)

Adel, Friend of AB