Monday, April 12, 2010

Lytton Walking Bridge

Until yesterday both Hubby and I had never seen this bridge… and until just a short time ago we didn’t even know it existed.

Lytton Walking Bridge (by KansasA)

The bridge is about 3.5 miles out of Lytton on Highway 12 and carries water in a large pipe beneath it.

Lytton Walking Bridge (by KansasA)

I got about a quarter way out and when one looks down at the Mighty Fraser… well there was no way I could get any further.  The height doesn’t scare me… it’s the river that had me on edge. :)

Lytton Walking Bridge (by KansasA)

Hubby walked out halfway and tried to convince me to come further but I was content snapping pics where I was. :)

Lytton Walking Bridge (by KansasA)

Before finding the bridge we did a tour of the area.  There’s quite a few abandoned buildings all over the place including a yurt and old cabins.

An abandoned yurt (by KansasA)

We then came across a Quiggly hole.

Quiggly hole (by KansasA)

Inside it was a bit dark and scary and I wasn’t sure if it was going to cave in any second!

Quiggly hole (by KansasA)

The doorway leading out was very low and even I had to duck my head (and I’m short!)

Quiggly hole (by KansasA)

After coming up from the Quiggly hole we still hadn’t found the bridge so Hubby stopped and we decided to walk across a large draw.  He was supposed to be following me but when I turned around I see him still standing at the truck!  I hollered at him to drive around and meet me on the other side because I could see there was a road on my side.  He some how turned right and I went left (or he went left and I went right… not sure) and it took a bit before we found each other again.  Mind you I was packing my camera, gear, and tripod… and he was in the truck, so I was a bit “heated” when we finally did hook up!

One of the places I ended up.

More trees... (by KansasA)

After walking a bit more I found this quiet spot…

Trees... (by KansasA)

And when I got here I couldn’t even hear the truck anymore!

...and even more. (by KansasA)

It was a great day for exploring but I think next time we should pack the two-way radios. :)

For more pictures of the bridge and Quiggly hole visit the “Lytton Exploring” collection at my flickr site:
Kansas A 




Anonymous said...

WOW how exciting.. AB

jackie said...

Wowzers! What a great adventure!

David T. Macknet said...

Think of the shot you missed, not going on that bridge! And: you could have given the camera to hubby.... ;)

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! How do I find that Quiggy Hole?

Kansas A said...

Diana, if you know where the Lytton dump is it's just south of the entrance on the opposite side of the road. It's usually got a locked gate there but you can get around it.