Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Assignment

This weeks assignment over at DPS is Cemeteries.  The kids and I took a walk over to the graveyard (is there a difference between a cemetery and a graveyard?) so I could snap a few pics… well more like 150 before I finally settled on one I liked. :)

I made this cross for our graveyard back when we first moved to the Ranch in 2001.  It’s got I don’t know how many coats of stain and varathane on it and it’s stood up to the weather quite well.  I think for lying halfway down the bank on dried horse and cow manure with the sun blinding me the picture came out just the way I wanted it to (good Lord the things I’ll do for a picture!).

Graveyard (by KansasA)


Jevan was invited to a birthday party last weekend and he really had a blast flying a kite in the school yard.

Having a blast! Remember the days? :) (by KansasA)


The string was out as far as it would go and with the windy weather the kite would go UP for a short time and then plunge to the ground.  It’s too bad we didn’t have more string but Jevan didn’t care, he was having lots of fun!

It looks higher than the clouds! (by KansasA)

I’ve also had a couple of new birds show up at my feeder this past week, Mourning Doves.  Such a pretty bird and they sure have quite the shine to their necks.

Mourning Dove (by KansasA)

Mourning Dove (by KansasA)

Mourning Dove (by KansasA)

Friday was Sydney’s 12th birthday and Jevan turns 7 on Monday so we are having a weeny roast with all the unhealthly snack foods tomorrow, including A&W root beer pop (My goodness Sydney can talk me into anything!).  It’s getting late and I have a cake I have to bake first thing in the morning, have a great night all! :)

For more pics of the kite flying, Mourning Doves, and life on the Ranch visit my flickr site!



tanita davis said...

WOW, twelve already!?

Wasn't Jevan just five?! Time flies, I tell ya.

Gorgeous, wonderful shot of that cross. You'll have people trying to steal that one; good thing you put your name on it (they may still steal it, but then, everyone will know they didn't take it!). (HAH! Christians. Stealing. There's an irony there somewhere...)

David T. Macknet said...

I had a kite like that. I tied some string around its tail, and several wind-chimes to that. It kept the kite facing the correct direction, 'though it would bob and try to escape the weight. :)

Am SO envious of the A&W root beer! Oh, my. We can't get it very easily, here.

jackie said...

Good job on the photos! And it IS hard to believe that the kids are getting so old! And then I look at mine and I realize that time has indeed passed. Happy birthdays to both Jevan and Sydney!

Bonnie said...

Great photos and Happy Birthday Sydney and Jevan... Ab

Anonymous said...

Oops! I believe that it was your daughter who talked you into A&W. LOL Tell her that I'm sorry about that!