Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random Stuff

I finally caught some pics of the big buck!  We were heading to the river for fishing and he was on the road we take.  Around here you don’t often see one with such large antlers and he would be considered a “4 point” in BC.

Big Buck

More wildlife… a toad under our willow.  The kids loved finding him!


After quite some time we are finally smoke free, although I don’t know for how long.  There’s a huge fire out Yalakom and more fires around which has been causing a lot of smoke in our area, sometimes it’s so smokey you can hardly see across to the mountains on the other side of us.  This pic is the sun setting when the smoke was pretty bad but not as bad as during the day.

Sunset in smoke

Sydney and I were standing in the garden listening to the thunder when a huge bolt of lightning came down and started a small forest fire just up from our driveway.  I immediately called Forestry and they had a chopper on it within about 20 minutes.

The chopper landed near our pond and dropped off a few crew members.

Lightning Fire Hwy 12

The fire burned itself out and the rainstorm after the thunder and lightning sure helped I’m sure.

Lightning Fire Hwy 12

More excitement during the week was a motorcycle accident on Hwy 12 towards Lytton, about 10 miles from our house.  The owner of the bike hit the guardrail and was ejected over it while his bike stayed on the road.  RCMP, Ambulance, and Rescue attend the scene.  A monument dedicated to another rider killed in the same spot a few years ago stands near the ambulance.

Motorcycle Accident Hwy 12

RCMP take belongings off the bike while rider's friend looks on. The rider was taken to St Bartholomew's Hospital in Lytton.  The Officer walked me up to the scene explaining what happened and allowed me to take pictures, all the while asking me about my camera and chatting up a storm, super nice guy! :)

Motorcycle Accident Hwy 12

Another rush of excitement (boy I seem to be saying that a lot!) was another fire at Bridge River in Lillooet.  My understanding is a power line came down and sparked a fire.  The Lillooet Fire Dept. responded until Forestry took over, who quickly extinguished it with two choppers bucketing and a small crew on the ground.  There were road closures and immediate evacuations of a few homes as well as everyone fishing at the mouth of the Bridge River.

Sydney and I drove in and parked across the river to see some of the action.  Normally I wouldn’t have driven in that far at suppertime but I had just got my new camera and wanted to try it out. :)

Fire at Bridge River

Fire at Bridge River

Well that’s it for now because this blog post is becoming much to long.  We’ve started fishing again at the river and bought a new net so I’ll be posting a few pics of that soon.  To see more pics of the buck, toad, accident, and fire stop over at my flickr site and have a great Sunday! :)

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Anonymous said...

You certainly do have action in your life. ab

ennadoolf said...

I hope the biker is okay. The photo of the buck almost looks surreal as he's posing so nicely.
Great photos!

David T. Macknet said...

Why'd he be a 4 point when he's plainly got at least 5 points on each side?

What an awesome toad!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I was concerned about your families when we kept seeing your area on the news.

Mikey said...

I thought I saw a fifth point on that buck too! He sure is a big one.
Your forestry dept must be very very busy these days. That's a lot of fires!

jackie said...

That is one seriously big toad!

Kansas A said...

David we don't count the horns sticking out of his head, I have no idea why. It's funny how they come up with what the animal is (4 point, 5 point non typical, 2 point, etc.) In Canada we only count one side but in the States they count both so this guy would be considered an 8 point, I guess it's where you live is how it's counted.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting week. Love those pictures!