Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cricut Animal Cards

Cricut Animal Cards, originally uploaded by KansasA.

I used my cricut cutter and MTC to make small animals cards. Sydney made the bunnies. :)
For directions visit:
I'm hoping the Black Cat Cougar cutter I bought doesn't take too long to get here because the cricut was temperamental today!


Dare I Dream Big said...

Wowsers! I've been wondering if anyone close to me might have a black cat cougar and how they like it! (I live in BC) So, by now you surely must have received it. I'd be interested in hearing more about it. Where did you order it from, and how are you liking it?

Kansas A said...

I ordered it from I like it but it's a huge learning curve compared to the Cricut. I bought all the extras to go with it and find I'm just not using it enough and am seriously considering downgrading. The cougar will pretty much cut anything but I find I'm using it only for paper and cardstock. If you are interested send me an email, kansasa@gmail(dot)com without the (dot). :)