Thursday, May 5, 2011

Awesome Card

Awesome Card by KansasA
Awesome Card, a photo by KansasA on Flickr.
Created with MTC (Make the Cut) and cut out with my Cricut cutter.
Borrowed the idea from this blog: Wow she has some great ideas!
I didn't buy the sentiment but made it using a font in MTC and welding it together. :D


tanita davis said...

And when I see stuff like this, I who needs NOT ANOTHER GADGET, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKES, thinks wistfully, "but how much space could a Cricut take up???"

That's SUCH a cute card...

daisy2214 said...

nice job,kansas:)

tanita davis said...

Also, saw this today and thought of you - the ultimate loom rug.

Anonymous said...

These cards are awesome. Great job!