Monday, June 20, 2011


Peeps by KansasA
Peeps, a photo by KansasA on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
It's the first time the chicks have been outside. This one just wanted to sleep in the hot sun. :)


Oz Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I decided to go ahead and buy the Hova-Bator 1588 last night, and I found the Sure-Hatch website in my Google searches, and hard to believe, but their deal was better than So I got the 1588 along with the egg turner tray. I hope it comes quickly!!!! :-)

Love all your chick pics, they are so cute! (and you're a great photographer!)

Kansas A said...

That's great news Suz! Just make sure the egg turner comes with both sets of rails, the chicken and the quail and you'll be fine. :)

Oz Girl said...

Yep, it comes with both sets! :-)

Kansas A said...

Perfect! :D

Richard said...

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