Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Make your own Soap Pump

I do not like those little soap pumps I keep beside the kitchen and bathroom sink.  To refill them is a nightmare with soap flowing all over the place, the hole is much too small.  I came across this idea on Pinterest and thought "wonderful!"  I made one last night.  A standard canning jar with a hole in the lid (I used a Dremmel to cut the hole), super heavy duty glue (I used Gorilla Glue), I think the pump part came from a Costco Kirkland shampoo bottle I've had it for ages, let it dry overnight.  Fill up your canning jar with soap and put the lid on, you can glue the two piece ring but I didn't.  I cut the vinyl letters out with my cougar cutter.  Someone suggested spraying the ring with a clear coat sealer to keep it from rusting but I didn't have any.
The original idea came from here: http://www.goodgirlstyle.com/2013/01/weeknight-project-mason-jar-soap-pump.html

Hand soap pump jar

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