Thursday, May 16, 2013


Stewart, Russel, and Sam have girlfriends!  We started with four peahens and Pops had them in Grandma's chicken coop for about a week.  The boys were pacing and showing off all up and down the fence, it was ridiculous, but we all know boys when they are showing off for girls.


Pops let them out and they quickly migrated over to my house.  They spent time perusing my garden a few times a day.  After a few days there was only three and a body was discovered over in the Gully Field, sadly one had been killed but we don't know by what.  If it were coyotes they probably wouldn't have left a body, and feathers would have been all over the place.  I didn't see the girls for a few days, most likely they were hiding from fear, and now only two have come back, we haven't found another body.  The remaining two are now sticking very close to my back deck and my newly planted garden (grrrrh) but I think they know this is a safe place.


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