Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our Milk Cow Belle

Belle came to live with us on April 11, so it's been almost a week, and the only thing I regret is not getting a milk cow 10 years ago.  I'm hoping I feel the same way when it's snowing and blowing outside!
Dallas and I drove over to Grinrod last Friday and picked her up and brought her home.  It took her a few days to settle in but she quickly adjusted.  She was raised in a dairy barn with Holsteins and the owner was getting rid of all of her Jersey cows to make room for more Holsteins, it was a pretty big operation and I'm sure Belle is missing some of her other buddies.
Jevan and Belle enjoying green grass and sunshine!
We're starting to get into a routine and on some days she gives me almost 6 gallons of milk.  Hubby and a friend modified my battery operated goat milker to work for a bit longer and it's been a blessing, no sore hands for me! 
Milk in the fridge
I ordered a cream separator and once that is in I can make lots of butter and ice cream, it's too tedious skimming cream with everything else going on.  Twice a day milking is keeping me busy but the kids are great about helping, now I just have to teach them how to milk! :)


tanita✿davis said...

Gosh, Jevan is almost ten, isn't he?? WOW, TIME. FLIES. He's lost his baby look, and his big hands hint at the size he'll end up. Very manly. ☺

I note that you mark am/pm on the milkings. Is morning milk creamier? I'll be intrigued to see what you do with this!! Goat milk AND cow milk on the farm, there. Cheesemaking next??

Don't be surprised if we just show up at your house when you make ice cream.

Kansas A said...

Hey T! Jevan turns 11 this June and Sydney will be 16... and my oldest Dally just turned 30 in Feb, am I feeling old? Just on certain days, lol.
The most cream is at the end of milking so as long as you can get it all you'll have good cream... I find Belle puts out more milk in the AM than the PM, I'm doing two milkings a day right now but would like to go down to one.
Yes goat and cows milk, I've bought a book on cheese and will give it a shot when I get time.
Gotta run, bread in the oven! :)