Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Looming this week

Not only was it my birthday yesterday but I have a twin brother Frank as well, of course I have to let everyone know that I am two minutes. Also my nephew Mikey on the 6th, a very good friend who is Sydney's bus driver Lana on the 7th, and my brother-in-law Mike on the 8th. I've managed to loom up two pairs of slippers and a pair of socks and I'd still like to get another couple of pairs of slippers and socks done! Well I've got to the end of the week but darnit I haven't even got to my infinity loom yet.
Both pairs of slippers were done using a modified version of Meilynne's pattern. I like a little taller slipper so I usually increase the ankle rows. The blue/gold slipper has one strand worsted weight and is 20 rows flat knit for the cuff and one strand worsted weight and one strand homespun for the rest. The blue/white is wool-ease thick and quick for the 10 row k1, p1, cuff and the rest is 2 strands worsted weight. The socks were done on Cindy Albert's adult sock loom from the Knitting Loom Company. Now this pattern is quite modified! I've basically used three different patterns, a whole lot of searching and a ton of trial and error along with my own information to create my socks.


Marsha said...

I love socks. We have sock exchanges at work nearly every month.

Mom said...

She does the most wonderful work. The scrubbies are the greatest and I just love my slippers. I'm still waiting for my socks! You are the best.

Isela said...

those socks look really great!

pammysue said...

Fantastic socks. I ordered a loom for socks and can not wait for it to arrive.I love loom knitting so much I am gonna give needle knitting another try.
You have done beautiful work.