Saturday, April 8, 2006

Shall we say Day 1?

Okay technically I started last night but only did one row so I'm counting today as day one! I'm getting used to the 1 over 2 stitch, it's a stitch I just did not like when I made a cotton dishcloth but I think because the cotton doesn't have nearly as much give as the worsted weight it was more time consuming. That's one thing I find with looming...after a person is able to whip up a pair of slippers in a few hours it seems that if something takes more than a day you just don't get that "instant" gratification! But then I remind myself of when I was knitting on two needles and all is well again :) Don't get me wrong, I'll always keep my knitting needles, they just won't get near as much use as my looms.
So the Infinity rake is really working out, and I'm even using the yarn guide from Decor Accents Inc. I thought it was a bit awkward when I first tried it awhile ago but I have to say it's great once you get the hang of it! As for the colour of the afghan it's going to be pretty colourful; I'm just going to keep adding all those leftover balls from my stash so I can have a good excuse to buy more yarn :)
Also this week I managed to loom up two more scrubbies, and I'm working on something else but I'm not saying yet...stay tuned :)


isela said...

The afghan in the works is looking pretty good.
I want to know what you working on...c'mon I won't tell :).

Kansas A. said...

I think we were leaving posts on each other's blogs almost at the same time Isela. LOL!
I'm not telling :)

Mom said...

I think this might just be my favorite site. Love ya!!