Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fair Isle Hat

This pattern came from the book "The Knitting Stitch Bible" by Maria Parry-Jones. It's called Fair Isle design on pg 199. The pattern is multiple of 12 stitches + 9. I did 57 stitches but next time I would make it a bit bigger around and a bit shorter to fit Sydney's head better. I'm not sure if I followed the chart right as certain rows did not match up at beginning and end, so that part is the back of the hat, it's hardly noticeable tho'. You're probably wondering how I did 57 stitches on the Wonderloom...I just angled the slider piece and wa la 57 stitches! The Wonderloom is great because it's so adaptable. I highly recommend it!

A bit stretched but Sydney sure liked the colours! We're almost into summer here and I had to tell her she could not wear it to school this morning as it's supposed to get up to 23C today!
I did a crochet cast on, K1 P1 for ten rows for the brim, the pattern (20 rows), and 20 rows of e-wrap, finishing up with the gather method to close.


Isela said...

Ah, beautiful, beautiful. You wrote that some rows were off with your design, I'll put in my 2 cents of info. When knitting in the round and following the charts or any other stitch pattern, you only count the Stitch pattern itself, and omit the what is after the + (plus) sign. For example, your stitch pattern called for 12 + 9, then to make the hat, you needed to cast on a multiple of 12, like 72, 60, 48, etc. Hope this bit of info helps a bit. I believe I picked this information up on one of Barbara Walker's books.


Lisa said...

Beautiful hat!!

lindasofftheloom said...

I love it. I can't wait to get my Wonderloom SG. I also need to invest in the stitch bible you and lisa are making such beautiful designs from. Bravo! Where in Canada are you from. I love Canada particularly, Kelowna British Colombia area. Canadians are such wonderful people. I love all your work, photos, and original creations.

american girl in italy said...

How did you handle swtichig colors? Did you cut and tie, or drop the yarn, and pick up again? was it a mess inside, like mine seem to be? hehe Lovely hat!

Debi said...

I love it!!!! It looks adorable on your daughter, too!!!