Sunday, June 11, 2006

Knit & Purl Hat

Sydney wearing the newest hat

Zigzag pattern from "The Knitting Stitch Bible"
(Picture lightened to show detail)

I tried out the new Wonderloom and really like it...a lot! It's a small gauge loom and I also have the regular gauge but haven't tried it yet. I created this hat, simply knit and purls, using the Zigzag pattern (page 51, picture 27) from the book; "The Knitting Stitch Bible" by Maria Parry-Jones. My sister Biffy bought me this book for Christmas in 2002 and I had never used it, I'm glad I was able to find it after all these years because after learning to loom I can see it has great potential.
The idea for the hat, pattern, and hunting down my book came from reading Lisa's blog. She has done wonderful work and her designs are absolutely beautiful, it's a pleasure reading her blog.


Lisa said...

Love the hat! I can't wait to see what you come up with from The Knitting Stitch Bible. Isn't this knitting thing a blast? :)

Isela said...

Pretty neat looking hat!! I love that book too...if you get a chance, Barbara Walker has a great book with charted designs too...I think it is the number 3 or 4....highly recommend it ;).