Thursday, September 7, 2006

Missing hamster; Fluffy :(

It is with a sad heart that I post today. Sydney's hamster Fluffy, has been missing for about five nights. I got up one morning and her observatory was popped off her Habitrail cage, darn thing I should have glued it so it couldn't open...but one doesn't think of it until it happens. We have torn the house apart, I have five sunflower seeds in the bathroom (haven't been touched) as well as numerous places around the luck and they haven't been touched either. I know it seems silly to be emotional over a hamster but after having Fluffy for a year and a half I kind of got attached to the thing, I think I'm more upset than Sydney is! I keep watching for something to move out of the corner of my eye and I get up every morning looking in her little bed. If anyone has ideas on how to find a lost hamster please leave a comment, I'm willing to try anything, thanks.


Fawn said...

I found this and atleast 3 people used this method and it worked for them.

"A recommended method for luring your hamster to safety is to get a bucket and a pile of books to make a "stairway" leading into the bucket, and set it up somewhere central in the house. You can line the bucket with a towel if you want, and place some food that your hamster likes in the bucket, perhaps strong vegetables or sliced apples which also leave a smell.

Put some on the steps leading to the bucket too. Hopefully this will act as a kind of trap to find your hamster, as it will smell the food and follow the trail right into the bucket, where it should be unable to climb back out of again, so effectively you have caught it and it is back in your care."

Good luck!

Kansas A. said...

Thanks Fawn! I'll try this tonight, fingers crossed it works.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have a habitrail and I see the person who already commented said to leave a stair way. Smart. Also,
you may wish to purchase one of those 'old fashioned' hamster wheels and put it outside next to the stairway.

When I lost a hamster when I was a child, my mom put the cage on the floor and when she heard the wheel going at night she jumped up and closed the cage.
Best wishes to you. I know what it feels like to loose a furry friend.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad. I lost a Shetland pony once! LOL My beloved Pinkie Pie was a real Houdini of a hamster. No cage could hold him. Putting the cage on the floor with the door open and lots of his favorite foods and water sometimes works. Usually we found Pinkie Pie at the bottom of a cereal box, happy as a furry little clam. Good luck and keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

im housesitting for my friends and i assumed that their hamster and 15 baby hamsters were tucked away in their nest.. i didnt hear or see anything the first couple days i was here, so i opened up the cage and didnt find anything.. tore their nest apart and no mama or baby hamsters. not even dead hamsters. i looked around as best i could but they could be anywhere. hopefully the cat didnt eat them. i set out some food and water and all i can do now is wait for her to come out and then i can follow her to find the babies. wish me luck