Friday, September 8, 2006

Pickled Salmon

As promised here's the picture of my Pickled Fish, or what we call it "Svella Culla." (Although I'm still not sure on the spelling) I fillet two salmon, partially freeze it, remove the skin, *slice it fairly thin and then let it sit in coarse salt for about a month with a tea towel over it because I want it to sort of dry. You then rinse it in cold water for about an hour or so. Slice it lengthwise and layer it in a gallon jar with onions. Make the brine but make sure it cools well so when you pour it on the fish it doesn't cook it. The brine is vinegar, brown sugar, pickling spice, and my Dad always put in "Sweet Mix" pickle juice by Bicks but you can use any sweet pickle juice. Pour it over the fish and add a couple of bay leaves, let it sit for a bit and enjoy :)
*Tip update: I made some up the other day and used my meat slicer for slicing, it worked excellent!! I cut the halves into roughly three large chunks and I was able to slice the fish evenly, not too thin or too thick :)
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Anonymous said...

great simple recipe. Looks good and sounds great.

SmokyBill said...

Proper Pickled Salmon should be put into jars and stored for about 2 weeks in sealed jars before eating...I always use Sockeye Salmon...My Grandpa was a commercial fisherman and he always made Pickled Salmon to be ready for around Christmas...Pickled Salmon always reminds me of Christmas...I agree about almost everything in this recipe except the amount of time it should stored in jars before eating...I have done this every year for the last 38