Monday, October 30, 2006

A few days of Looming

I've been looming up hats for my daughter's elementary school this last week, Dora came up with this great idea and I think it's wonderful! A lot of the kids have probably never had a homemade hat before. I've also done a pair of wrist warmers and a scarf too. The solid blue hat is all purl except for the brim, the striped blue is all e-wrap with a rolled brim, the brown hat is the knit stitch with e-wrap in the center then back to the knit stitch (you'll have to click the pic to get a detailed view), and the pink/white is all e-wrap. All the hats were done on the green KK and I'm quite surprised at the size difference, the knit stitch is quite a bit smaller than the rest. I'm currently working on a pair of wrist warmers on the small gauge Wonderloom done in the round and will post pics when I'm done. The wrist warmers in the picture were done from a pattern at rostitchery's blog, except I did 30 rows instead of 24 and turn them inside out to wear them. The scarf was to use up some wool, done on the new KK long loom and I used the smallest pink one until I ran out of wool :)

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Shari da loop said...

great hats!! nicely done!!