Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wrist Warmers

I finished up Sydney's wrist warmers/fingerless gloves this morning. I was in a hurry to get the second one complete so she can wear them for Halloween because it was a nippy minus 10 C this morning and I think tonight is going to be just as cold!

The pattern was one of those figure it out in my head as I go along ones :) I used one strand of WW yarn so they are not thick at all.
I used the small gauge Wonderloom from Decor Accents. 26 pegs. These fit my 8 year old daughter and I'm working on an adult version and will post when I'm done.
Row 1-10: K1, P1 (The knit 1 is the ewrap stitch)
Row 11-31: knit stitch (not ewrap) Video of stitch located here: Loom Knit
Row 32: Knit pegs 1-24, place the two loops from pegs 25 and 26 on a stitch marker and ewrap the two empty pegs and start knitting at peg 1. This will be the thumb hole. Picture shown (click for larger view):

Row 33-38: Knit
Row 39-43: K1, P1 (ewrapped)
Remove using crochet method with one chain stitch in between. Weave in the two loops on the stitch marker making sure they do not come undone, weave in all ends. Whip up a second one and you're done!


Isela: Purling Sprite said...

Lovely fingerless mitts! I love the color.

Anonymous said...

I crocheted one of those for my daughter recently. Sometimes her "mouse hand" gets cold while she is at her computer. It works like a charm!


LizAnderson said...

Kansas -
I've done the same on my Wonderloom, but did the thumbhole a little different:I chose where I wanted it, then moved one stitch to the left and knit off, moved one stitch to the right and knit off, then knit *as a flat panel* until it was long enough. When you come around to the hole, double wrap the "empty" pegs and knit off and in the round.Your thumb is finished off and there is no need to go back and attach anything. And if your thumb is bigger than mine, you can move a total of 3 or 4 stitches to accomodate. :)

loomatic said...

too cool. i was looking for a pattern for something like this for MY Sydney. she freezes if it gets below 75!

Looming Looney said...

Hi Kanasa A,

Both hats are my design. I just sat in bed last knit and let the yarn and loom move me, LOL. And that's where we ended up. I really like they way they came out too. I need to keep a not pad next to the bed to take notes so I can repeat patterns when I want to.

Dusty has some really great idea though.