Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Adult Version Wrist Warmers

Update: Pattern at end of post!

(Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own hand? LOL)

This was knitted on the regular gauge WonderLoom by Decor Accents. It's a bit tight; I only used 24 pegs and I think the next one will be done on 26 or even 28 pegs. Crystal has emailed me about the thumb hole and Liz has left a comment regarding it as well. I will try their suggestions and it should make it easier than what I've been doing with the stitch marker and less "finishing" too. I think I've got the length pretty good and I'm happy with that so there won't be any changes there. The pattern is listed below and here's the link to the kid version.

Here's the pattern:
Done on the Decor Accents Wonderloom regular gauge.
Ewrap 24 pegs (next time I will try 26 pegs)
Row 1-10: K1 P1 (ewrap stitch)
Row 11-36: knit stitch (not ewrap) Isela's has a great video showing the knit stitch.
Row 37: Knit until peg 23 then lift loop on peg 23 and put on peg 22, knit over. Lift peg 24 and put on peg 1, knit over. Ewrap peg 23 and 24. If you have increased the number of pegs just remember it's the last two pegs you deal with.
Row 38-50: Knit stitch (same as rows 11-36)
Row 51-55: K1 P1 (ewrap stitch)
Remove using the crochet method with one chain stitch in between.

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