Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christmas Bells!

Here's something quick and super easy to make!
I used a 12 peg thumb loom that came with my mitten set.
Ewrap roughly 12 rows with two strands yarn treated as one. Gather method off.
Use the gathering yarn to make the loop at the top, add a bell inside, weave in ends. The red & white bell with the gold ribbon was done in the knit stitch but I found it much faster to just simply ewrap and when you're on a tight Christmas schedule (aren't we all?) I'm looking for something fast! I'm going to change the ribbons, because I think they are too big, and just use gold or silver ties at the top, I'll post a picture when I do that.
That's it :)

As promised here's a picture of another bell with a small gold tie. I used the glue gun to attach it but I was a bit heavy with the glue...well there's always another one waiting :)

This idea came from Brenda from GA who belongs to my Loom Knitting Newbies group at Yahoo. If you join the group you can view her pattern in the files section, it is much more detailed than mine and her bells look striking!

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