Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Try, try, again

I'm so glad I can share my successes as well as my failures. Well at least I can say I'm learning what not to do. Oh, the other thing...the reason the mitt is purled on the top is because my brain was too busy doing too many things at once or it has turned to mush. Can you believe how many rows I did before I realized "hey this is the purl stitch, not the knit stitch!" I did a couple of knit rows, a few more purls and decided to cut my losses and end the mitt, probably a bit too soon but, all in all, it turned out not too bad...will I make a match? No way, I'm on to a different one already LOL This time it's going to have a thumb...stay tuned.


Isela: Purling Sprite said...

Ok, here is my advice and I think it will works cuz I did mine like this: try to put the flip over before the ribbing--it is customary for the flip over to start by the middle of the hand.

The thumb does look a bit cold, lol, how about a little flip over for it too :)

Martha said...

Looking good. if I thought I could do it, I would say post the pattern.

Sorka said...

hmm if that is a failure you could do worse!

Heather said...

I love it!! I can't wait to see the pattern, especially when you figure out the thumb! I'm so glad we have people like you who are willing to take the time to create the pattern then share it with us!!

Shari da loop said...

coming along nicely!!

karen said...

you are so talented Ilove coming here
Karen C