Thursday, December 28, 2006

Scruffie Slippers

Mini WonderLoom and a Youth Scruffie Slipper

Now that Christmas is over and most (and I'm stressing most) of the mess is cleaned up, (yah right) I had time to sit down and loom up a pair of slippers for Jevan and was able to finally try out my new Decor Accents mini regular gauge WonderLoom! So compact and easy to handle. Wonderful design!

This slipper is a combination of different patterns. I used 22 pegs for Jevan's slippers. I can't give instructions for the cuff because it's from Lisa's Scruffie Slipper pattern and you can purchase the pattern at her site. The heel is done by the wrap and turn method (if you'd like specific directions for the heel (not the cuff) leave a comment and I'll post them) and the foot/toe is simply ewrapped and gathered at the end. I tried closing with the kitchener stitch for the toe but the wool I used is waaaay too thick for that. It's Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. I also dabbed six dots of Marine "Amazing Goop" on the bottom of the soles to prevent slips but I'm not sure if it works yet because Jevan wouldn't wear the slippers for more than 5 minutes. Update: The goop did not work, it sticks really well but still slips.

I would like to say thank you to Lisa from Loom Knitting Designs who sent me her Scruffie Slipper pattern before my payment cleared Paypal so I could loom some up for Christmas gifts :) I was able to loom up three pairs of adult versions of the Scruffie Slippers but only took one picture. This pair has boa wool in the cuff. The heel was done the same as Jevan's and is different than Lisa's pattern. I absolutely loved doing this pattern; I could whip up a pair of slippers in short order. These slippers are more like real slippers rather than house socks, easy to slip on and off because of the shortness of them. And if you don't like anything around your ankle then this pattern is for you :)


loomknittingdesigns said...


Your slippers came out beautiful! I love the two colors and the fuzzy cuffed ones. Very nice work!


Barb said...

Love the slippers, and those cute baby legs!

Do I need to change a setting on my computer, your word wrap doesn't wrap, it just ends. I'm only getting half the story, boo hoo:(


Loom Lady said...

The slippers look great! What a warm way to start the New Year.

Kansas A. said...

To Barb:
Your screen resolution may be set too low to view my whole page, you may have to set it higher than 800 by 600 depending on your viewing area.

Anonymous said...

hi Kansas
They are so cute!
greetings from Anke from Holland

barb said...

Thanks for the tip Kansas.

My current resolution is 1024 x 768. When I go up one more, I can read your entire post, but the flicker is so bad, it gives me a headache, it's also very tiny and blurry. (the blurry might be me!!)