Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm baaaack!

Snowy Birdhouse

I shoveled enough today,
the birds can clear their own path!

Oh my! This happened today and in a very short time too and it's still coming down! No school tomorrow, Al, the bus driver, has already called and our road is not top priority.
I've been offline for quite some time, not due to the weather but because I had a complete hard drive failure :( I ordered from
Tiger Direct and between them and UPS it took 9 days to get here (growl). I sure wish I could use Canada Post, it would be half the time and half the cost but unfortunately I cannot choose. I wouldn't even order from Tiger but you just cannot beat their prices!

Karen C. from my loom group emailed me quite concerned, I should have let everyone know but I didn't think I'd be down so long. I had limited access with my 8 year old's computer but between her and my 3 year old I felt like I was getting the "What do you mean you want to use OUR computer?" attitude...but then...that's how I feel when anyone wants to use my laptop! LOL

Anyway I'm back...I'm posting a recipe right after this so stay tuned for my Peanut Butter Specials! They taste and look just like Reese's Peanut Butter cups and are great for Christmas! The kids devour them and so do most of the adults I know :)

Update: This picture was taken at about 8 this morning and it's still snowing! It's a really wet and heavy snow, the kids will love making a snowman today.

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