Thursday, January 11, 2007

Little bit of this and that

Today was a "I've had it up to here, stop the world I want off, and mix me up some "CALGON take me away!"" day. (If you're past 40 you'll know about Calgon, do they still make the stuff?) Oh it wasn't so much the company I had, just too many things going on...I need a day off (sarcastically said), thank heavens I don't work an outside job...where would I find the time?? But how does a full-time Mama, wife, sister, (my twin brother has been staying with us since before Christmas), just up and disappear for a day?? Enough about was your day?

I finally finished the pair of Scruffie Slippers I promised myself I would finish yesterday! I sure like making the easy. With Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick wool they are so nice and snug around your foot and with the cold weather we're having lately, -16 C this morning, it's nice to have a "hug" around the foot :)

I whipped up a Sour Cream Coffee Cake tonight. MMM, mmm, did it ever turn out delicious! Actually I did get some help with it, Jevan loves to cook and he's really good about putting things away, eggs back in the fridge, baking powder/soda back on the shelf, etc...I just hope he remembers where when I ask him the next time I need it. And there's no need to rinse anything before putting in the dishwasher, he's pretty much licked everything clean. Anyway...the cake was really cheap to make, nothing too fancy, and I can't believe how moist it is. I got the recipe from RecipeZaar . I've been a member for ages but have really liked using it lately, well so much I joined up with their Premium version for a year. I took a picture of the cake and uploaded it to RecipeZaar as the person didn't have a photo. I'll post it here but if you'd like to try out the recipe click here. My version didn't include the nuts and because I have my chickens and get fresh eggs everyday, the cake (and most all my baking) turns out quite golden, can't beat fresh eggs! Here's a small pic of what I collect just about everyday. I sure wish I could mail a few dozen a week to my Mom but unfortunately she lives too far away.

I have no idea what to loom next...any suggestions? I have tons of stuff planned but it's a matter of getting at 'er...I'm yawning as I type this, maybe I'll get to bed early and think of something tomorrow while I'm dreaming about my day off.

And before I go I have to mention that it is "Delurking Week," apparently if you come to my blog you are supposed to post a comment, especially if you come a lot and have never left a comment!! Thank you to everyone who does :) But to all of you who don't, get out of the shadows, delurk, and let me know who you are, I look forward to reading your comments :)


Jen said...

*I* am not over 40 and remember "Calgon, take me away!". And, yes, they do still make it: . It comes in a lot more flavors now, though.

My day is well, so far. Thanks for asking. Much colder than yesterday when it got up to 70 degrees F in the middle of the U.S. of A. Sheesh.

As for what to loom next, hmmmm. I'm going to take a LoomClass by Isela in the next few days. It'll be her fingerless mittens. Maybe you could do that. Check out the class schedule here: .

Jennifer in KS

Sorka said...

oooooh Calgon take me AWAAAAAAY sounds good! I want a nice soak!

Mom said...

I love the egg basket. And yes I remember "Calgon take me away", for some reason I never did find time for it Now that I am 60 + I will have to check it out. Great suggestion Kans Love ya Loads

shells said...

I remember the Calgon ads, they made it seem so magical!

Cindy said...

That cake looks YUMMY! You left a comment on my blog, which led me to your blog! Sweet! :) I agree that fresh eggs are great, but I well remember being chased around the yard by the mean Banty roosters when I was a kid, so I'd really rather not be around them collecting eggs. :)