Saturday, February 3, 2007

Felt Like Posting

Speaking of mornings...I have a doozy. The kids and I have to be at a birthday party at 11:00 AM. This may not sound too early for most, but my kids sleep until at least 10ish on the weekends. Sydney (8) is up at 7:30 Monday to Friday, leaves the house at 8:04 and then has an hour long bus ride to school. She gets home just before 4:00 PM so her day is as long as a working adults. She enjoys her sleep on Saturday & Sundays. Getting up and trucking to town can be a bit harrowing, and if you're a steady reader of my blog you know what we have to drive through to get there (Big Slide).
Well I gotta keep this short...Jevan is still sleeping and I have to get him up and get ready to go! On that note I'd like to wish my nephew Kristopher a Happy 9th Birthday!! Technically it's tomorrow but he's having his party today.

UPDATE: We made it through the party!! Okay I can admit, I dread these kinds of parties! Kids screaming, way too much junk food, and someone always has to cry (hey this year, thank goodness, it wasn't one of my kids). The party actually went over pretty well. My sister rented the Rec. Centre and the nice thing; everyone just walks away from the mess after an hour in the pool and an hour in the party room.
After the party we went to the grocery store and before I was out of there it was snowing!! Sydney said to me "I thought the groundhog didn't see his shadow yesterday?"
I replied "Well I guess he saw it in Lillooet." I'm not looking forward to 6 more weeks of winter so I say we should find that little groundhog and .....(family friendly blog).

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