Monday, February 26, 2007

You win lose some

Tonight was the "meeting" about the Big Slide. Yes I guess you could call it a meeting because that's basically what we all did: meet. The room was so overcrowded people were stepping in and immediately leaving. There were no chairs set out for anyone, standing room only. All four walls had easels set up with posters, some of them set up in the centre of the room, this left very little room for people. I never did get to see all the posters because of the crowd. This open house type meeting was not a good idea. We did not want this and whoever was responsible for this (I heard several people) should not be involved all or ever again. The community wanted to be people that were supposed to help, or at least listen. This meeting should have been set up in the gym, should have had chairs, and should have been a public forum, not a "lets meet your neighbour who happens to drive through the Big Slide" event.

From what I gathered at the meeting it all boils down to money. Money is what we need to fix the Big Slide. We should have skipped talking to everybody except for the Minister. So I guess it boils down to sending letters, postcards, petitions, to him. Although I'm sure the people who were there will carry our message because at times I even felt sorry for them, this was the last half hour when they were cornered and the community finally had a chance to speak.
I seldom, if ever, do a post without pictures, but tonight I was in such a hurry I forgot my camera. I really wish I would have brought it because I was shocked at the amount of people who turned out for the meeting. A meeting set for 4:00-6:00 PM, a time when most people would be eating dinner with their family. The meeting would have been much better if it were scheduled on the weekend, I wonder how many people took time off work to attend? I almost feel as if this meeting were set up to fail. I think they think we will all go home and say "well that was a joke" and forget all about this. We can't do that, you know that, and I know that...heck we all know that.

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