Sunday, February 25, 2007

Radio Lillooet & CN Rail

I did two things yesterday...well not just two things but two things that stand out in my mind and are worth blogging about.
Yesterday morning I flew (I was running late as usual) drove into town and attended a training workshop for Radio Lillooet CHLS 100.5 FM. I was a broadcaster for Radio Lillooet and left just before my, now 3 year old son was born. My oldest daughter, Dallas, and I did a Monday night show called "Going' South with Kansas & Dallas." It was a blast! We played mostly old country, and some new stuff too. Well my hands have been itching to get back to a microphone...and I even did up a couple of promo announcements for the Big Slide last week and they've been playing on air. The radio station has a new studio (Studio 2) and things look like they have improved quite a bit. Here's a pic of Kim on the right, and an up and coming broadcaster on the left trying things out.

After running around town I saw my sister and brother-in-law manning their strike post at CN railway station (formally known as BC Rail). Kitt has been on strike for about two weeks and this was the first time I had stopped. I was surprised there weren't more employees there, and even more shocked at the amount of people crossing the picket line. I am a firm believer in supporting the picket lines, because I know that if I was "fighting for a cause" I would certainly want people standing behind me. It's sad that an employee has put in about 30 years of service and job security has gone out the window as well as the company is trying to strip away essential benefits. The biggest thing with CN is their safety policies! There has been way too many accidents in and around the province (including two fatalities in Lillooet, workmates of Kitt's) and something needs to be done. My sister phoned me last night to let me know the strike has ended...some stuff they gained, others will be dealt with in the future. I'm glad Kitt is back to work and I hope CN has their employees safety first and foremost in their mind.

Sydney and Kitt at the Station


Leon said...

I am de-lurking (odd term, haha). I just found your blog and am poking around. I remember riding the train through that area in the 70's and seeing a derailed train. It seems things haven't changed much.

Naomi said...

I really hope that CN does right and makes makes things safer. I have heard that the media is siding with CN, but I know a wife of a railroad worker, and I hear what they have been going through. It is sad that the strike is only about renewing what they had in place before.