Thursday, March 15, 2007

Green Popcorn

The proof is in the pudding cup. Yes it's green popcorn! I was surfing one of my favourite blogs;, when I saw this post: Pink Popcorn Recipe. I told Sydney I used to eat it as a kid and she asked if we could colour it green. I said "green, what for?" She then reminded me of their St. Patrick's Day sock hop on Friday. I thought how perfect, besides it would save me having to make Peanut Butter Cups...again. So if you need something quick for school tomorrow, and this is really quick, give it a try, the kids will love it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kansas (I love your name!!) - glad to hear that you were just busy...but I do hope your are feeling better from your surgery. I've been working on another purse and will post pictures at some point. Thank you for the recipe site, too!

Your green popcorn looks very...GREEN! =) Actually, it is a lovely shade of green! =)

Have fun with your mom - and I'll say a prayer that your chickens survive a few days without you! =)

Calvin said...

Thanks for the post. My son has to take green food to school on Monday. I remembered green popcorn and suggested it. He loved the idea. I then realized i had no idea how to make it!