Friday, March 16, 2007

Blue Christmas

Okay I didn't have any red cotton so I used blue cotton, but who says we have to follow the rules? My blue Christmas ornament dishcloth looks good to me :) This pattern would be easy to create using a loom as it's only knits and purls, but I used needles. So what do you all think about the picture? I've been experimenting with a light box and haven't got the camera settings just quite right yet so the colour looks more like a denim instead of the dark blue I used. The light box is really kind of cool. It was quick to make and easy to use and the bonus is it cost nothing. Mine isn't quite exactly what is pictured but pretty close. I didn't have any fancy tissue paper so I used paper towel, if you asked me you can't even see the quilted design so it works. I think I need a stronger light and that will help with the colour too.
Here's a few examples that didn't turn out too bad, they are totally untouched photos, not even cropped. Although you can see the design of the paper towel in both of them so I guess the next time I'm in the city I'll stop at an office supply store and see what they have. When I was checking out blogs for light boxes there was one where the person had different coloured paper and that looked wonderful. For instance the white salt shaker would be great if it were to have a black background behind it, so getting different coloured plain paper is a good thing.

I guess I'm over posting lately because I'm off to Nanaimo to visit my Mom on Sunday and I know I'll be going through blog withdrawal. I think I'll bring my laptop just so I can keep up to my daily blog reading with Google reader as well as check my emails. You know I can't imagine saying that just a few short years! times have changed, haven't they? :)

UPDATE: I hunted around the house and found some white paper, unfortunately it has a couple of creases in it but it worked somewhat. The picture below is a big improvement but a little washed out. One could fix it in Photoshop or some other editing program, I used ACDSee to crop it but didn't do anything else to it. I think with a little practice, a little time, and a bit of patience I just might figure this out :)

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