Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A quick hello from the Island

Sydney and Jevan looking at the ocean from The Queen of Oak Bay ferry.
Horseshoe Bay terminal to Departure Bay terminal

We made it to Nanaimo! It was a fast trip down because I was trying to make a 3:00 reservation...unfortunately we were 4 minutes late and they wouldn't let us on! I had to be there at 2:30 and I pulled up at 2:34. So we had to wait for two hours until the next boat. I wouldn't have been so choked but you pay $17.50 nonrefundable reservation fee on top of the 70+ dollars for the ride across! I really thought I had lots of time when I booked but (and this is where you can call me dumb) I hadn't worn my watch since daylight savings time and I hadn't turned it ahead an hour. I know, dumb, dumb, dumb. The thing that really ticked me off is the ferry was running 15 minutes late, apparently it's okay for BC Ferries to run late but not for the public...but then they get your money either way. (grumble, grumble). I should mention too, and this isn't good for tourism, because we didn't have time to stop and eat on the drive down (3 hours) we decided to grab something on the boat...mistake! I got two sandwiches, 2 soy chocolate milks, 2 coffees, and 1 apple...grand total: $20.70!! Isn't there supposed to be a "priceless" in here somewhere, I'm sure you've all seen the commercials :) LOL LOL At least when we leave on Wednesday I'll be much better prepared, my Mom only lives about 10 minutes from the terminal.

All in all we had a good day today. We all went out shopping and Jevan and Sydney got to go to McDonalds, something that doesn't happen too often for them (unhealthy!) But I broke down because they have such a great play area there. We then hit a few stores and I bought the kids some clothes and shoes...and more toys! Tomorrow I think we'll head up to the park so they can run off some energy. We're heading home to Lillooet on Wednesday so they will be sitting for a long spell and they'll enjoy running around before we go.


Little Old Liz said...

Shucks -
Don't kill yourself over being late or allowing the occasional McDonald's meal. You're a good Mommie -- just look at those faces! You kids will remember spending time with you, not the silly things parents dwell on.

Anonymous said...

My kids love going to McDonalds--they think is such a great treat :). They also have a playground at the one we frequent so when we go I get a few minutes to myself while they play. It is okay to spoil them every now and then :).

It stinks about that boat--4 minutes, goodness!

Has the book made it there yet?

Pat said...

Cute picture of the kids. Too bad about the Ferry. That's our government at work!!!! How did the chickens do?????? Talk to you soon.