Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rosebank Ranch

I was reading my blog comments yesterday and it occurred to me that I've never really posted many pictures of just where I live. After talking about New York in my last post and how I'd love to go there someday and the reasons why, I thought I'd best post about where I live.
I live on a 400 acre cattle ranch with approximately 150 cows. My in-laws; Pops & Grandma, own the ranch. My husband has two younger brothers who each have their own families and live here too. There are four separate wouldn't believe how many people think we all live together like the Waltons...uhhhh no! We moved onto the ranch back in October 2001 (wow! has it been that long?) and I do love it here most of the time. I love being able to let my kids just run around and know there's always someone watching. These pictures go back a few years and maybe a few posts from now I'll post some more recent ones but for now I just wanted to show you what I see everyday :)

Sydney with a calf born 2002. It's calving season now and our annual branding will be coming up in just a couple of months. I blogged about last years branding and if you'd like to read about it click here.

The Barn

A picture of the kids on our way out to feed the horses.

Joey the hungry horse!

Cold winter.

The "14 Field" looking across the driveway to the bottom field. All summer long we change pipes (sprinklers) to grow hay. The earlier one can get out there the less chance of heatstroke because our summers are pretty darn hot and there's lots of pipes to change. In the last picture you'll see a wheel line but that's only on the bottom field, all the other fields have regular old pipes that need to be taken apart and dragged over one pipe length to the next part. It's waaaay easier for two or more people and it's one job I hate to do alone.

The graveyard on the ranch. Grandma, Sydney, and I took a whole weekend and cleaned up the graveyard which desperately needed to be done, it's going on five years ago so I think it probably needs to be done again this year. The toughest thing to get rid of is the wild roses, and there's tons of 'em...but I guess that's why the ranch is called "Rosebank."



A wheel line on the bottom field.

That's it for now! I have a new camera and I should get outside and take some more recent pictures. But as you can see there's no Starbucks, no McDonalds, no theatres, and not much of anything but hay, horses, cows, & open fields! I hope you enjoyed your mini tour of Rosebank Ranch :) I'd love to see some blogging about your everyday life...especially if you live in New York! LOL LOL



Hi Kansas, I love the pics, what a beautiful ranch, the barn with the mountains in the background looks like a postcard. I live in Miami Florida, hustle and bustle lots of people actually too many, all different languages, everyone's in a hurry no one is polite 1 hour commutes to work etc... all the "enjoyment" of city life. (hehehe) I've never let my kids roam free unless we were in the park, beach or our 16' x 40' yard.(yeah I know ridiculous size for a yard and 80% of it is concrete patio" So you see having Mickeyd's, Starbuck's, BK and all the other stuff can't replace the peace of mind you have, enjoy it.. some of us would kill just for a day there... plus I lived in NYC, really not that wonderful a place trust me. Take some more pics I just loved it.

Anonymous said...

WOW, it is wonderful where you are at. Can I move in (here in Ohio it's flat and not near as pretty.)


Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Anonymous said...

Stunning! I'm trying not to feel jealous! =) Seriously, what beautiful views you have there (and beautiful children, too!). Please take more pictures and share!

I can only imagine what it is like to sip my coffee and watch CLOUDS roll DOWN the mountains...sigh...

TadMack said...

Kansas what a beautiful world you have! And such cute kids!

I am SO jealous!!!!