Monday, April 23, 2007

Almost famous!

Thank you to Craftzine for the mention of my loomed "Heels without holes" and my Frugal Knitting Tips & Hints posts. I didn't realize it was such an honour until I started reading thank yous on other's blogs...I humbly apologize for not posting a thank you sooner. I would also like to thank for posting a link to my Loomed Swiffer Cover quite sometime ago, and for my HP Recipe just today!
I wonder if somewhere online one can read "Blogging Etiquette 101" or something like that? If I had a list of rules I think one of my biggies would be to "keep it short." My personal preference..., but I hate reading long winded posts...hey I barely have time to brush my teeth sometimes! Once in awhile is okay but how many of us really have that much time?
Most blogs I read, and I have about 50ish in my Google Reader, are witty, humorous, crafty, and quick! For instance there's Denise, she cracks me up with her sense of humour and I often start my day with a smile after reading one of her posts. There's also Ree whose life is so similar to mine but on a much bigger scale...they ship over 8000 yearlings on their ranch!! And a new blog I've just started reading is Mice & Moonbeams by Donna, a very crafty woman with a huge imagination! Of course I have some old faithfuls that I've been reading for awhile: Isela, Graciela, Tipnut, and many, many more but this post would be waaaay too long to list them all (wink, wink).


Sorka said...

ahh but did you know you have been nominated for a blogger's choice award??
Mwah hahaha

shells said...

I have wished for rules of blogging ettiquite, too!
Like remembering to occasionally leave a comment on favorites, like yours.
Congrats on the great blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kansas! Thank you for the link to my site! =) I will take "huge imagination" as a compliment! LOL!