Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fishing at the River 2007

Every year about this time we make a picnic lunch and head down to the was the first time this year. We live about 15 minutes away and although the road is a bit bumpy and a little steep in places we always have fun! Apparently the Spring salmon are running but someone forgot to tell the fish because we came home with nothing but we did make some great memories while we were there :) The funny this is, we've taken the dip net down more times than I can count and have never, not once, caught a fish with it! I think my hubby just likes going to the river...ah well when we put up the gill net come June we catch lots!

The drive down to the mighty "Fraser River," looking towards Lillooet.

The back eddy where we'll string out our gill net come June. This view is looking towards Lytton.
Look closely and you can see the "dry" creek.

The "dry" creek.
For years we saw no water in this creek until just a few years ago.
I have no idea if it has a name but it sure did take away our little sandy spot where we sit!

This is a "dip" net.
Okay it's a little rough looking but it's supposed to work.
When I was a kid about 9-10 years old this is all we ever used at the river
and we caught lots of salmon, sometimes two at a time!

The river has quite a strong current
and you have to tie off your net or you might lose it.
My knot seemed to do the trick...I didn't lose the net or hubby :)

With great force one must hold the net down...
I lasted for about 10 minutes, and that was with considerable whining!
The river will come up quite a bit yet,
and by the end of the summer it will drop by at least 20 feet or more.

Soaking up some sun. Hello to everyone who reads my Mama's blog!

My flower child, notice the graceful way he holds the flowers.

Sydney is always looking for a souvenir to take home, I told her no on the stick!

Run, run, run!

"Do we HAVE to go home?"
Don't they just look disappointed?
I told them they could camp down there for the night
but when I said Mama & Daddy would be going home they just didn't want to...
PS. I told hubby to clean the windows in the truck, they are filthy...must be a guy thing as he didn't seem to notice.


tonya said...

Oh look at the sad faces. We mommy's can be so mean at times can't we. I get that same look from my son and daughter too.

DaviMack said...

We cleaned the windows upstairs the other day, in honor of the workmen finally finishing the floors upstairs ... and, oh my, what a difference it makes, and we hadn't even really noticed.

Anonymous said...

The videos at the Alaska Department of Fish & Game website show how they dipnet in Alaska. Really similar to what you posted about.