Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ever heard of the Blogger's Choice Awards?

Update: I've been nominated! Okay my Mom nominated me but it still feels good :) And I did get a couple of votes from people I don't know at all! The categories are:
Best Hobby Blog
Best Animal Blogger
Best Blog Design
Best Blog of All Time

Wow aren't Mom's the best!
If you'd like to vote click on any of the above links and place your vote!

No, I have not been nominated for any category at the "Blogger's Choice Awards." I've even searched for me... twice! Surely someone, somewhere must read my blog, I might even have a few steady readers...but alas no nominations. Whoa is me. Okay I'm not pushing for nominations (I would never do that!) I just thought I'd let ya'll know just in case you had never heard of the "Blogger's Choice Awards", I mean up until today I had never heard of the "Blogger's Choice Awards" and being the helpful, informative person I am I just thought I would pass this info on...yah that's it, that's why I don't have a single nomination; you've never heard of the "Blogger's Choice Awards." Now if I could just find the link to it I'd paste it here for ya'll to click know, just to take a look, you don't have to nominate while you're there but what's the harm in looking?

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Anonymous said...

I just voted for you! Good luck! =)