Friday, April 13, 2007

Bath & Splash!

After posting all about my walk with Jevan yesterday I thought I'd post about my 8 year old daughter Sydney. Last night she was having a blast in the tub and I happen to catch some "up" shots of her playing with water.

Right over her head!

Up, up, and away!!!

And down she comes!

That's one thing about Sydney, she loves water! She took her first swim when she was about two months old and has never quit. Here's a picture of her jumping off the diving board at only 2 years old. No fear!

Very much like her brother is now she hated wearing clothes, hence the star in the photo!

Before the end of the season, and after many battles, I gave up fighting with her about her "water wings" and they were soon gone. She would hold her breath, eyes wide open, duck her head under the water, and swim across the pool as easy as I would breath on land. She wouldn't quite know what to do with her hands so she would hold them down at her sides and simply kick her feet to get where she needed to go. We no longer live at the house with the pool but we do have one of those "round bag" pools now and set it up every year for her. I had to enroll her in swimming lessons last year, the only time she's ever had lessons, just so she was allowed to swim in the deep end of the pool where she attends school...she passed Level 3. Her Dad always teases her about having "gills" behind her ears!

Foolin' around!

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Anonymous said...

What awesome pictures! I love the one of her jumping into the pool! LOL! I had a few kids myself who simply did not like to wear clothes. =)