Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Branding & Stuff

Branding 2006
Brent and Hubby

My MIL (I call her Grandma) was over this morning for coffee and to discuss our annual branding coming up this weekend. If anyone is near here on the weekend feel free to stop in but bring potluck! I'm making my famous potato salad per my SIL's request, Italian bread, and cabbage rolls. I follow my Mom's sort of recipe for the potato salad, my sister's recipe for the Italian bread (although I will have to increase it this year), and I wing it for the cabbage rolls. Last year we had a big Chinese potluck feast and I thought it went over pretty well. I guess this year Grandma is sticking to hamburgers, Shepard's Pie and baked salmon (she keeps changing her mind). I sure hope the weather is nice because we've had some rainy brandings and they are not fun, especially for the kids! My sister, Biffy, will be coming, along with my nephew Kristopher. I'll have to hit her up and see what she's going to bring, maybe I can talk her into making the bread, after all it is her recipe. If you want to see her bread, made in a bread machine, she has the recipe posted at RecipeZaar.

I've got great news about my twin brother Frank...he got a job driving a semi! He is soooo excited, his dream job. Frank has had some tough times in the last few years but under my watchful (I will kill you if you screw up) eye he's come a long way in the last five months. I think he'll do okay, and I'm very proud at what's he's done. It's almost time for him to move out of my house and get busy living on his own. I'll still watch every move he makes tho'....because even though I'm only two minutes older than he is I'm still his BIG sister!


Little Old Liz said...

Let's hear it for Big Sisters! Keep putting it to him, and I'm sure your Littled Bro will make you proud :-)

DaviMack said...

Will you be sharing that recipe for Italian Bread, or is it a secret of some sort? If it's not a secret, I'd love to know what's in it, 'cause ... well, I've got a sourdough starter which demands that I bake at least once a week, and anything new would be great!

How'd the branding go, by the way?

Anonymous said...

I want to come move in with you guys. I just love watching your life. I think you all are some really neat people.

Hey, I am going to try that milkshake too! I'll let you know what everyone here thinks of it.

Thanks again for sharing your life with all of us.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson