Friday, May 4, 2007

Glasses? Me?

Oh sure...go ahead and look at them. They're purple, they're small, they're almost kewl looking...but they scream OLD! My brother says I'm "entering a new phase in life." I can't see fine sock wool on 3mm needles without these resting on my nose. Well let me elaborate...I can see, I just can't see very well, especially since hydro has, for some unknown reason, reduced the strength of the lights in my house at night. I didn't realize just how far my arms were getting away from me until it was pointed out so while I was in Kamloops I picked up a pair of the weakest glasses I could find. Now I think that if I wasn't a crafter I wouldn't have even thought about buying glasses, I probably could have went at least a few more years before I ran out of arm length. The worst thing is my older sister doesn't need them, and even my twin brother isn't at this stage why me? Why can't I be like my great Aunt Ingla, at the age of 92 never once wore glasses? I even tested her not too long before she died...we were in the bingo hall and I flipped over the list of rules (really fine print) well to my astonishment she rattled off the rules! I thought for sure she had it memorized, she was a regular at the hall, but nope, she was reading them. I guess I took after my Dad's side of the family, darnit!

I haven't yet wore them in front of anyone, not even hubby! So picture me late at night, knitting away, sitting at the kitchen table....alone. I even find myself glancing out the kitchen window just in case someone sneaks up on the porch, heaven forbid anyone sees me! I have to admit, one night I went into the bathroom and snuck a look at myself in the mirror. There is really nothing glamorous about wearing reading glasses! One looks old...simply put, old! And while I was there, trying in every which way to look younger I happen to notice a few (gasp) wrinkles, imagine that...just where the heck did those come from? Okay I'm over 40, but glasses and wrinkles? I don't feel over 40, well most days anyway. I have a 3 year old son, and an 8 year old daughter...okay, okay, I have a 23 year old daughter too but I was pretty young when I had her. So what's next, false teeth, Depends, and memory loss? Well I've got to go do something, when I remember what it is I'll get back to you :) Have a young day!
PS I've decided to name them, after all they will probably be with me for quite sometime or some stronger version of them...any ideas?


Mom said...

Wrinkles you say?... From your mother maybe?.. You just keep on moving while everything else works well!!
Sorry Kans.

DaviMack said...

You could always get your eyeballs shaved, like both of my brothers have done. Yum!

I can't imagine not having glasses, considering that I can actually see with them on! You're quite lucky - at least you're old enough to choose your frames.

When I first got mine, my dad simply pulled a pair of frames out of his box of 150 (RayBan Gold Frames, purchased from the Post Exchange in bulk) and that was it. For the next 10 years or so, any time a frame broke, he simply pulled out another duplicate. He and the three of us boys all wore the same glasses frames.

Now. Yours are cute! You can see! It's a matter of rejoicing that you've made it this long without your body breaking down further!

Pat said...

Welcome to the over Forty club. Should I tell you it's all down hill from here. You could start whittling your cane now. Remember "Your only as old as you feel" I know somedays are worse than others.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

You are as old as you feel. NOT as old as your eyes!

The day I had to put on a pair of bi-focals I cried (that was long ago).

Be happy that it's just a pair of over the counter reading glasses. Embrace that you are doing what is needed.

Teach your kids that it's okay to need help now & again.

Laura said...

I cried the day I had to put on a pair of bifocals. It's okay to be upset. There will come a day you will wear them with pride. Or you'll forget they're on & somebody will see!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kansas!! I have posted a blog entry JUST for you! =) (BIG GRIN) teehee! =) At least yours are just over-the-counter glasses, right? =)

reading glasses said...

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