Friday, May 11, 2007

Calling me home

"Bleeding Heart" in my flower garden.
I was standing in my garden the other night and I thought for sure God was calling me home. I'm not a practicing religious person, but I do believe in God. I just haven't attended church since I was a wee one. Anyway I'm off topic here...this was meant to be a comical post about me in the garden. So as I was saying...I was standing in my garden and I could hear music, religious music. But oh so faint in the distance (I'm talking barely hearing it). Now, we live quite a ways from any neighbours, especially anyone who would be playing any type of religious music. I stopped and thought "hmmm I think I better check my pulse because for sure the angels are coming to take me home." And then it stopped... a few minutes later it starts again. I'm thinking I must be going nuts so I call Sydney outside (I needed my scissors anyway) told her to please get them and hurry back outside. I casually asked her if she could hear music. She immediately says no. I said well just stop and listen for two minutes..... listening..... listening..... starting to look at me like "are you okay Mama?" and then she hears it! Thank heaven's I haven't lost my mind! Whew, I was worried for a sec, it was either imminent death or mind mush. Two things I really can't fit into my schedule right now. I still have questions about the music but I'm chalking it up to the way the wind was casually blowing our way, the stars and planets lined up perfectly, and Fountainview Academy, who live quite a distance down the road from us, practicing their choir outside....although the distance is pretty far and no one has heard them here before.... Hmmmm...I think I better go check my pulse again.

Have a great weekend!!

Transplanted last year from Pam.


Anonymous said...

Hi Just couldn't resist this post.
Isn't this a beautiful sight, these are all so perfect and just to enjoy. We do live in a wonderful world.

Little Old Liz said...

Oh Kansas!
How precious. You heard music and had a reason for it. I occasionally smell perfume for no reason. Any ideas? Extra nice pictures of the Bleeding Hearts and the hummingbirds!

DaviMack said...

By way of explanation for your music, I must just say that the atmosphere is a strange thing. I'm an amateur radio operator, you see, and we learn about what the air does to things like waves - sound waves as well as radio waves. Radio waves of a particular wavelength travel in straight lines, kind of like light. Others can bend with the atmosphere, or bounce. Sometimes, though, they don't play by the rules, and you get times where waves which should just be going straight will actually travel much longer than they ought, or will reach into what should be a "hole."

There are places which are well-documented and studied where such phenomena occur, and these have been traced back to the effects of the atmosphere itself - in a way which is similar to how light reflects off of the water. Because of the gradient or the differential in density of, say, an air current, waves bounce off of one layer of air and are reflected back down to someplace unusual.

This is perhaps most clearly demonstrated by the amateur radio operators' love of "working" the Leonid Meteor Shower every year. You see, the meteors ionize the atmosphere when they're burning up on the way in, and allow a signal to be bounced off of their trail.

I suspect that you had a breeze blowing up from your school, or from somebody's car, and there was a temperature differential of enough significance to allow the sound to bounce around within that column of air, reaching you as the column passed closely enough.

Longwinded. Sorry.

Jason said...

You were right about the music. I was a student at fva then and we were outside recording for a music project. You probably did hear us. Don't worry you're not going crazy.

fountainviewkid said...

You were right about hearing music. I was a student at fva and we were outside recording for a production. Don't worry that shows your not going crazy, and you have good hearing!