Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hummingbirds 2007

Every morning and every night the hummingbirds fly in and devour the feeder. They say to count as many as you can see, times that by four, and that will give you a rough idea as to how many you have feeding. I counted about 20! So I have approximately 80 birds...I'm going to have to buy more sugar. You can see in the picture just how low the juice is, I filled it up the day before. This year I have two feeders but they seem to like the shiny one best. We've already had to rescue one from my kitchen, the kids love it when I'm holding one in my hand and trotting it out the door.

Below is a video clip of them in action. I've taken it with my camera so it's a bit shaky but turn up your sound and you can hear them really well.


Paul Champagne said...

Hummingbirds are truely a joy to watch ... wish we had them here.

Anonymous said...

Kansas!! That is so cool!! We love hummingbirds - we've put our feeder out but they are late returning this year. We've never had nearly as many as you have, though. My son loved the video!

BTW, how do you catch one?? =)

DaviMack said...

Wow! Are those migratory, or do they stay with you for the whole season, or what? We have Anna's hummingbirds here year round (and we remember to feed them all year), as well as ruby-throated which are migratory, but none in such numbers as yours! That's awesome.

Donna: you could catch them by gradually moving your feeder into a cage of some sort, and then closing the cage. Or inside your window, if you wanted an angry bird inside your house.