Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Round Bales

Ever wonder how those round bales of hay are made? I just know you do, sure, you lie awake in bed wondering.

Okay, well maybe you've given it a wee bit of thought... or maybe not..., but if you have, today is your lucky day! Yesterday I took a video of Hubby down at the neighbours ranch baling hay. They don't have the equipment so they've hired Pops, who in turn sends Hubby down to do the cutting, flipping, and baling.

On the far right, that little spec is Hubby on the tractor.
All the hay has been cut and flipped.
In the far, far, distance that patch of green is where we live.

Don't be shocked at Hubby's face... he has an absess tooth and his face is a tad swollen. I can't get a dentist appointment for him until Wednesday morning so he's grinning and bearing it until then.


DaviMack said...

You know that we'd have wanted to know, even if we didn't know that we wanted to know. See, the problem is, you didn't give us any diagrams of how the silly machine works! Now I'm going to have to go onto the John Deere site, track down that machine, and look at a diagram.

Your son looks like he knows that he's not supposed to be anywhere near that machine, by the way, and that being next to the hay ... well, I know exactly what he looks like:

I had a friend, growing up, whose dog was forbidden from being on the carpet. She was quite an old dog, and had been disallowed from the carpet her entire life, so we found it quite funny to pick the dog up and set her on the carpet. She'd freeze. She'd look around. Then, tail tucked, she'd slink away from the carpet and go hide in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

You know...you just might have a career in movie filming!

And, as I drifted to sleep the other night (you know, the one when you were changing pipes and herding heifers? Yeah, that night.) I was truly wondering just how those round bales were made - I almost wasn't able to get to sleep because it was so heavy on my mind (almost, but not quite!)!

LOL! Thanks for solving the mystery! =)

Oh, and Davimack - the dog story is HILARIOUS! Mean, but hilarious! =)

DaviMack said...

Yes - it was a happy remembrance, but we were bad children, I can tell you.

He's not supposed to be near the machine, though, is he? Or is he just being a wee bit shy?

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

My horses would love that!!! YUMMY!

I wish we owned one of those. One day maybe..

Dora Renee' Wilkerson