Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Birds of a Feather...

Our weather has turned sort of miserable but the bonus is I'm seeing an increase of Finches at the feeder. From what my bird book says I think these are House Finches. I'd look it up but do you know how many entries there will be for "red bird" in Google?? They sing quite a pretty song and are a joy to listen to but that really doesn't narrow it down. If I'm wrong feel free to leave me a comment and I'll credit you with my ever lasting gratitude :)

I grabbed my old Kodak DC 290, set up my tripod, and used my remote shutter to shoot these pictures. I was going to get rid of my old camera, outdated, low resolution, low ISO, buttons failing, etc, but I think web pictures still look okay. I made the remote shutter a long, long time ago from a tutorial (this one is similar to the one I made, mine has dropped out of cyberspace darnit! but you'll get the idea). I don't think there's one for my new camera, although I haven't really looked yet. The trick to getting such close shots with birds is to get the camera as close as you can and you as far away as you can, make sense? Or you can spend thousands on a really souped up camera with an incredible zoom feature....gee I wonder what my Ford Explorer is worth these days, maybe I can make a partial down payment with that?

"Hey quit pushing!"

These two kept twirling around and around, it was like watching a ballet.

He's quite a handsome fella and, once she stops eating, she might notice him...gee that sounds like some humans I know :)

Oh my... this guy looks like he got up on the wrong side of the bed, can we say "grumpy?"


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! And yes, I do believe those are House Finches.

Thanks for the canning info - hubby actually called me to talk to me about it because he was on my blog and saw the comment before I did. We're going to look into a pressure canner. Can you use this kind with ALL canning, or only on some things?

Also, I think a tutorial would be such a great help to someone like me, who doesn't have a clue!!


Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

Great pictures, Kansas! I'm not too good on identifying birds, but I searched Google images for "house finch" and this picture almost looks identical to your pics:

Kansas A. Lillooet BC said...

Hi Brenda!
The picture is pretty close, thanks for searching! :)