Monday, July 30, 2007

Death on the Ranch

Inside this box lays a small dwarf hamster named "Jiggles" and a piece of a 9 year old's heart.
Late last night I told Sydney that I thought Jiggles wasn't feeling well, a few hours later she was gone. She's now buried beneath the old willow near our chicken coop. I don't even think a driving lesson will cheer Sydney up today.


Sorka said...

ooooh poor giggles!!!

PatV said...

Sydney...I'm so sorry to hear about Jiggles..

Mom said...

Hi Kansas
So sorry to hear about Jiggles. I know Sydney's little heart must be breaking (Mom's big heart also). My heart aches just thinking about how she feels tonight. She always tried to coax her Oma into holding one of her little hamsters. I think she darn near had me convinced. I could see just how much she loved the little guy. I couldn't do it but I do think they are quite cute now. Only in an emergency would I hold one and I did. Amazing what one will do for your grandaughter. Still think I would grab for a chair to stand on if I saw one run across the floor. :) I would!

Love ya!

jackie said...

Poor girl.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! Please give Sydney a hug from me. I know how painful it can be for a child to lose an animal friend (all of us here have gone through it, too).

The box she made is beautiful! =)

Tell her that somewhere in North Carolina there is a precious little mouse named Angora that I had when I was about 9 or 10 and she is buried in a special box under a willow tree, too.