Monday, July 30, 2007

Driving Miss Sydney

This is my persistent 9 year old, Sydney. It all started last week when her cousin, Leighton, came down to our house from his Dad's house. He only lives about a 1/2 mile up our driveway. Well, he was driving his Dad's jeep, all by himself. You know what's coming, don't you?

She bugged, and bugged, and bugged. So today, for the first time, she finally sat in the driver's seat. Needless to say, I was a tad more nervous than she was. I went over all the "this is the brake, this is the gas, this is Mama's heart palpitating" speech.

How much happier could she look?

We turned into our driveway and took the old dump road so we didn't have to worry about any traffic. I have to admit, once we got over the "slooooowly hit the brake instead of pushing it through the floor and us kissing the windshield phase", she did pretty good. Well that, and her trying to use both feet to work the pedals. "Only when there's a clutch Sweety."

Okay now she just thinks she's cool! I won't tell anyone about my coat she's sitting on to see over the hood.

And after driving to the old dump and back, she thought she'd come down the driveway (I think just so she can tell Leighton). She managed to go through two gates and park my SUV in the carport... I gotta go have a drink :)


Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

I love your pictures. She looks just so happy driving!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Mom said...

Hi Kansas........
These pictures just made my sun shine a lot brighter this morning.(even on a Monday!) What wonderful pictures and you are so lucky to have such a wonderful subject. She is a beautiful girl and has such a sparkle in her eyes. I might be a bit biased on this one but I think the excitement on her face shows all and would be a tug on any Grandma's heart. I know it does on mine and oops.
Ok! No croc tears now! :) I miss them so much. I think this move seems to be taking me forever. These pic's do spur me on to pack a few more boxes this morning - with delight! Moving is such a drag but I can't wait to move closer I will probably be there so often everyone will get tired of me. :)

Love ya!

Sorka said...

hmm.. I think I would need something to sit on to see over the hood too!

PatV said...

Sydney...WELL DONE...You look like you have the world by the tail...Doesn't it make you think back to when Dallas was learning how to drive? Sydney is 9 going on 16...Bet you won't be letting Jevan do this soon..They grow up so fast!!!!!

DaviMack said...

Awesome! No better time to learn!

Anonymous said...

Yea, Sydney! =)

The girl who never looks @ your blog said...

LOL, that is a good pic. I could just imagine, what both of your facial reactions were when she slammed on the break, LOL LOL LOL. Well at least she didn't almost crash into the barn fence poll, like someone we know!!