Sunday, July 29, 2007

Time stands still

Yesterday I managed to zip up to Bert's and pick some apricots. I guess I haven't mentioned that I've had a sort of strange pain in my belly and I'm waiting for some tests to come back from my doctor to try and find out what it is. It's slowed me down a bit but not wanting to see anything go to waste, I knew I had to get up there before all the apricots end up on the ground. I managed to pick a couple of buckets, one for myself and one I left for Bert and Jaycee. I plan on going back up sometime today and picking more.

While I was there I stepped back in time and entered Bert's barn and chicken coop. Camera in hand (as always) I really felt as if time had stood still in the two buildings. Upon entering the chicken coop one immediately spots an old yellow wood cookstove, unfortunately I was so totally overwhelmed with the actual coop I forgot to snap a picture of the stove (hand smacking forehead). I guess I'll have to take a picture another day. But... I did take a few other pics.

Jaycee, Sydney, and Jevan standing in the doorway of the barn.

Sydney standing beside the heater stove in the center room of the Chicken Coop. The roost is to her left and there's 20 boxes for laying to her right.

I don't think I've ever seen a heater this old. I guess Bert was as kind to his chickens as I like to be to mine, they need to be warm in the winter :)

The door of the heater. I'm not sure if the "38" means the year or not, could be a model number??

Sydney standing beneath one of the many apricot trees.

Jevan wandering around Bert's place.

After picking apricots, and touring the barn and coop, we headed into the house to say hello to Bert and I snapped a few more pictures. This is a picture of his living room and, again, it's like time standing still. Bert build his house 60 years ago and I don't think a lot has changed in all those years. If it weren't for the TV sets I'd swear I was in 1940!

And I finally, finally was able to snap a picture of Bert! Jevan was handing him apricots and he was eating them up. He's very hard of hearing and his eyesight isn't so good but he can carry on a pretty good conversation with you if you raise your voice loud enough. His cup of tea sits nearby and he'll take small sips in between talking to you. I find the man fascinating and wonder at all the things he's seen in his 95 years. As I was leaving I told him I'd bring him some of my garden Yukon gold potatoes, he politely told me that it was okay if I didn't, but I told him it would be in trade for the apricots, he then smiled and let out a bit of a chuckle, then said that would be a fair trade :) Don't let Bert's appearance fool you, he's able to get up and take short walks around inside his house. He puts himself to bed, as Jaycee leaves him every night after cooking his supper. She returns the next morning and if it's cold Bert will have a fire going in the old wood cookstove in his kitchen. Until Jaycee started using a small two burner hotplate and microwave, all Bert's meals were cooked on it. The man is fiercely independent and is determined to live out his final days on his ranch built by himself over a 60 year span.


Tracey Carsto said...

Kansas I love reading your blog! I enjoy reading about life on the farm and all the things that you do. You are one busy woman!!! I bet you sleep well at night. :) Your kids are very lucky to have you as a mom. :)

Jennifer M said...

Kansas I just want to say that i love your blog, Your awesome! I have been reading it forever! And you have taught me so very much!
i am a very frugal person, so you have given me loads of learning stuff! thank you so very much!

Go Bert! Hope I am up to as much as he is when i am 95!

Mom said...

Hi Kansas
What great pictures. The door on the old stove is very much like Papa's old stove (your great grandfather) his was a 45 gallon drum and he would paint the whole stove a bright shiny silver just before Christmas. Even the old wood walls look very much the same. I remember being at Papa's house when he would light the candles on the Christmas tree. And yes they were real wax candles in little brass candle holders that clipped to branches on the tree.(what a fire hazard eh).
Your picture of Bert's living room shows so much detail (what a great shot) the wood walls, the old treadle sewing machine, the rocking chair, the desk and a wood box full of logs for the fire. A good book and what more could you ask for? :) I think I am in love with the old place.:)
All these pictures of my beautiful grandchildren and I haven't even mentioned them yet. Of course, without a doubt they are my favorite. I haven't seen them since Spring Break and I can't wait to see them. Soon I hope.
Love Ya!

Kansas A said...

Thanks so much Jennifer M, I usually email private thank you's but when there's no return email I try to do it in the comment section. I, too, wish to even have half the energy Bert has when I reach 95! He was so happy with the potatoes I brought him today, I'm sure he'll be eating them for his supper tonight! I think it's been a long time since he's had fresh dug potatoes :)

jackie said...

Thanks for sharing Bert with us!

Anonymous said...

Kansas, I look forward to reading your blog everyday, reading about your family, friends, the ranch, your cooking, makes me feel like I'm part of your world. You are such a hard worker, I think you are a true frontier lady. And you have so many wonderful folks in your life, you are truly blessed. alice in Flagstaff

Kansas A said...

Thanks so much Alice! Some days can seem overwhelming when other days are pretty calm :) Summertime seems to be the busiest time around here but as we slide into fall/winter the days get less busy and I look forward to that! :)

Sorka said...

Boy... that brings back memories of going and visitng one of my grandma's older friends when "I was young.. I still have the book he gave me!
Boy I can't for the life of me remember his name right now!
I might even have to call my Dad and ask!!
le sigh..

Mom said...

Hi Kansas...
I love reading your comments. I am so very proud of you and of course brag to everyone. Truly in my life you are a rare and very precious jewell. I am so very blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for just being you!

Love ya Loads!

Anonymous said...

I love your stories about Bert and about the rest of the Ranch, too! I've glad you were able to finally post a picture of Generous Bert who lets you pick all his fruit trees for the price of a pie! =)

And I just have to say it again, your children are beautiful! =)

The girl who never looks @ your blog said...

Awww, that brought tears to my eyes.