Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Barn Field

While trying to post yesterday my nephew Mikey showed up and asked if I had "ten minutes" to spare (almost sounds like Pop's "5 minutes" which last about an hour). He needed a driver so he could pick up the pipes and shoot them around the hump on The Barn Field. I told him sure. Jevan wanted to come, and because my boy is pretty much naked most of the summer, while Mikey grabbed the pipe wagon, I got Jevan dressed and we headed out.
The Barn Field is one of those odd fields. To the right there's another field with the generic name; "The Horse Pasture" (we have a few of these and everyone seems to know which one everyone is talking about for some strange reason).

The fourth horse looking straight at me is "Woody" and he's a cutey. Now I'm not much of a horse person, and it's been quite sometime since I've been riding... gee now that I think about it, it has been a looooong time. The last time would have been when my Aunty Bub was here and we grabbed "Granny" and "Brambles." Two older gals we no longer have, that's probably why I haven't been riding, these horses haven't quite aged enough for me!

A little further down you can see the new hay barn that was just built. It's full of square bales and the round bales are placed all around.

The field has been reseeded this year and that's why it looks pretty sparse. There's two lines that run across the field because the main line was changed, before that we used to run one long line down the entire field. The thing that makes this field odd, is it has a hump (not to be confused with the "Hump Field") on one side and when you're finished with what you can see, you have to run a line around the hump. The line goes quite aways down, and that's what Mikey and I were doing.

This is where the line goes around the hump to the right. Mikey is moving the pipes over and getting them ready to be hooked up. I'm sitting in the truck watching him work :)

A look over at "The Horn Field" with Jevan and our faithful dog Blue, playing in the distance.

Yes I have white legs... even without a flash the camera sure emphasizes them! (Note to self: next time wear pants). Of course I never go anywhere without my oversize rubbers on, hence the huge looking feet!
I'm driving the "red" truck with the pipe wagon attached, and constantly starting and stopping so Mikey can lift the pipes off. Although it looks like it's all downhill, when you get around the hump, believe me, it's not. It sort of flattens out and turns into a couple of rolling hills, and then a straight drop off at the end. Now all those years of learning to drive a vehicle with a clutch pays off, or so I think. In my mind I know what to do, but my left leg suddenly says "what in the heck are you doing to me?" It groans and fiercely tries to hold that clutch, in and out, shaking, all the while I'm thinking "why didn't I pull the seat ahead?" Probably because the seat doesn't move ahead and that part of it broke many moons ago! You see, being most likely the shortest adult on the ranch, most of the vehicles, equipment, and horses are not meant for me! I swear, some day, I'm going to tie little blocks to the pedals :)


Louise Z in Spokane Valley, Wa said...

Was just thinking about you today and wondering what you're doing....enjoyed the pictures. Got a new recipe for "apple" dessert made with zucchini...will try it today. hugs, Louise

Anonymous said...

ROFLOL!! What sexy boots! =)

I love it when you share everything that you do on your farm - even the little things, like boots and clutches and chickens in the kitchen. =)

Mom said...

Hi Kansas...
You gotta love the boots! I think the pictures are fantastic. Picture Postcard Perfect!!

Love Ya!

DaviMack said...

I agree with Donna - it's great to know what goes on, and how things work, there. Thanks!