Friday, August 17, 2007

Blue Heron

Yesterday, while Sydney and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast, she looked out the window and said "What the heck kind of bird is that?"
I quickly glanced out and was surprised to see a Blue Heron. I tried to get as close as I could but it flew off. I'm sure they fly in because of Grandma's pond as they like to eat up her fish. And between you and me she's been known to fire off a few "get the heck away from my fish pond" shots! The woman is quite handy with a gun.
The sheer size of these birds amazes me, they look like they are from prehistoric times!

Look at the wingspan on it!

It came back later in the day and sat for another spell. The one bad thing about it is it sure upsets my chickens.

PS About Grandma with a gun... don't ever ask her if she's shot out her living room window, I'm not saying nothin' :)


The Lazy Organizer said...

Beautiful! We saw a whole flock of these on a field trip. They were nesting and I couldn't believe how big they were. I'd have to say that would be pretty scary for a chicken!

Thank you so much for finding that converter for me! That problem has been driving me crazy for months but I haven't known who to ask for help.

Mom said...

Hi Kansas..
This is one of our largest long neck birds we have in the West. You have a great flight shot of him with his folded neck and trailing legs. They have a 6 foot wing spread and stand about 4 feet tall. I watched them quite often when out on the West Coast of the Island. It is amazing how graceful they are and what a pleasure it is to see them.

Love Ya!