Monday, August 13, 2007

Fishing 2007

On Saturday we had unexpected company!

Lana (Sydney's first bus driver) and Percy came and spent the night in their new motorhome! It was nice to visit because it's been so long since we've seen each other!! They left with cucumbers, zucchini (of course) and a dozen farm fresh eggs! Sydney is so looking forward to a camping trip with them!

Every year we wait for fishing season to open. Let me explain a bit; my hubby is a status Indian and during the summer we fish for Sockeye salmon to eat, smoke, can, dry, pickle, and whatever else we can think of. It's great to stock the pantry with canned salmon, and fill the freezer with fresh, smoked, and dried. Because he is status we are allowed to fish at certain times with gill nets. Today we caught about 35 sockeye and, as I type, Hubby is down the river checking the net again. (He's back now and there was 10 in the net).

It's not a great picture and darnit I wish I would have been over just a tad but if you look close to the right you can see a sockeye struggling in the net.

Today while we were down, the Catch Monitoring boat came pulling up. Chad came over and with a pair of tweezers took one scale from a fish that had already been cleaned. While he was there we pulled the net and after I cleaned a fish he took the head. He told me from just one scale you can tell the age and from what run the fish came from, seems like such a small amount to gather such information.

Let's hope this keeps up 'til Thursday! The fishing has been really limited this year and we are way down compared to last year. We've only had from Sunday 6:00 PM to Thursday 6:00 PM to fish with gill nets!

Over the weekend I canned blueberry pie filling and baked up buns, bread, and cinnamon buns. For the blueberry pie filling I used this recipe, not too sure on the measurements though, because it says it was supposed to make seven quarts and I only got four!

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Mom said...

Hi Kansas...
It's nice to see the fishing pick up a little.
I bet that pie filling will taste good with homemade yoqurt.:) It sounds like you had a very busy weekend. I think the pictures look great.

Love Ya!