Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One of those days

Today I put the fish in the smoker! Okay, maybe not a big deal but that was between making bread & butter pickles and blueberry tarts. The pickle recipe comes from my Aunty Bonnie's page. I canned the blueberry pie filling the other day and grabbed some of the pastry I had in the freezer, again not a big deal but, for some reason, I feel like I've worked the whole day away. Ever have one of those days? You piddle around and not do a whole lot but still feel like your feet are screaming "SIT DOWN!" Well today was one of those days, and I'd sit and.... heck I'd even crawl into bed right now, but I have those darn fish still in the smoker and I know they are not going to be ready until midnight or so. I have another batch soaking in the fridge for tomorrow so I have to get these out before tomorrow's batch goes in. I have an old post here with instructions on making smoked salmon but I should update as I've changed the recipe a bit. One thing I do that makes a world of difference is after rinsing the fish, pat it dry with a paper towel and paint on maple syrup. It stops the salt and makes for tasty fish.

On the fishing front; we only netted about 17 today and Grandma took all those home. Aunty Helen (my border fairy) is up for the week and she'll be taking some home with her. She brought up my french bean slicer, a whole wheat cookbook, and a 9 quart canner for me. Unfortunately the canner was chipped in shipping so I may have to send it back (I haven't seen it yet because it's still over at Grandma's house). What is it with shipping these days? That's twice I've been "dinged" (no pun intended) in a couple of weeks, first my steamer and now the canner. Okay listen up shipping people can ya take it easy on the parcels?? "Air mail" does not mean you drop it from the plane over the post office!

When I was in town on Friday I saw the Rocky Mountaineer sitting at the crossing. If you are on dial-up I wouldn't even attempt the link, it took forever to load and I'm on satellite. And if you happen to have 10 grand just hanging around you might like to try their "Northern Gold" vacation package, yikes!


Mom said...

Hi Kansas..
Sometime you have to remember "The Calgon :) Treatment" and just take a day off. A day for just Kansas! You need a break once in awhile. I worry that you work too much. I can't wait to just scoop my grandchildren away for a weekend. I do miss them so much. OK enough thinking!@** It seems like this move is taking forever!!

Love Ya!

Pat V said...

Hi Kansas

I'll be over the next time you make blueberry anything...Blueberry is my all time favorite pie.tart,cobbler or crisp. I have never seen a bean cutter like that. You always wonder how they do these things. You are one talented LADY. Takecare Pat